1102 The first on-campus English language exam reached a new high, with 20% of candidates achieving CEFR B1.


The 110 academic year had 238 applicants for its first on-campus English language test, six times more than the applicant count for the previous 109-year school English test.

Since the 110th school year is the first time to combine the ” TOIEC Basice Level ” and the ” TOIEC Basice Advanced Level ” license examination courses, will be conducted as  on-campus English examination. In the reformed system, the standard TOEIC questions are used as test questions, and the campus TOEIC test serves as a mock test before the official TOEIC examination. Candidates can use this test as a self-assessment tool before the official test. As the number of visitors has increased repeatedly, the registration site has been quite promising.

In future, students will be offered more types of verification courses and mock tests, and the center will encourage them to actively participate in practice and take official verification exams in order to obtain the necessary verification certificates.