Tzu Chi University’s School of Medicine Upholds Tradition of High Passing Rates in Physician Licensure Examination.


The results of the Stage I of the Physicians Licensure Examination for 2023 were released on March 28, 2023, revealing a triumph for Tzu Chi University. Of the 50 Tzu Chi University students who participated in the examination, an impressive 47 successfully passed. This success equates to a stellar pass rate of 94%. This impressive figure is more than double the national passing rate of 40.36%. The result continues Tzu Chi University’s tradition of high pass rates, providing proof of its exceptional medical education.

This milestone is crucial for students, signifying a significant phase in their academic journey. With a firm foundation, they can focus on the next level, entering clinical learning. This phase involves intensive work on diagnosis and patient care, guided by practicing physicians and enhanced by patient interactions.

At Tzu Chi University, where students traditionally excel, the achievement is celebrated by faculty members. But they also emphasize the importance of continued dedication. The faculty anticipates students’ successful navigation through the second-stage licensure examination, eager for their entry into the medical profession.

Shin-Yuan Chen, Head of the School of Medicine at Tzu Chi University, highlights the unique integration of humanities with the sciences in their medical education. This holistic approach allows students to explore not just science but also humanistic studies.

Despite the pandemic’s impact on education, Tzu Chi University has shown resilience, thanks to the cooperation of its faculty members, staff, and students. This is evident from the effort invested in physical anatomical classes, conducted under strict epidemic prevention measures, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

Importantly, the University transformed pathology teaching challenges into opportunities, moving from traditional, microscope-dependent teaching to a digital format, facilitating more time for online learning and self-study.

Tzu Chi’s School of Medicine values student feedback and it’s through continuous dialogue and collective effort that they have achieved significant results.

Lif Xiao, a top-ranked fourth-year medical student, asserts that medicine is more than a degree; it’s a lifelong vocation requiring dedication and a deep understanding of past sacrifices. This insight, learned during Tzu Chi University’s gross anatomy course, fuels his motivation and commitment.

He thanks the faculty members for their instruction and the University for providing its resources, along with his supportive Tzu-Cheng fathers and Yi-Te mothers. Despite acing the licensure examination, Lif views it as the beginning of his journey. He now looks to fulfill past promises and continually improve himself.

Ting-Yun Chen, a medical student, highlighted the benefits of attending Tzu Chi University. The abundance of anatomical resources and accomplished faculty members are among the reasons she picked this institution. The curriculum has allowed her to gain both applied knowledge and humanistic spirit, boosting her confidence for licensure exam. Amidst the pandemic, pathology courses have transitioned to online, allowing for more study flexibility and review opportunities. As exam approached, students fostered mutual motivation, and the majority passed, advancing in their medical journey.

Tzu Chi University’s School of Medicine was established in Hualien to address the eastern region’s shortage of medical professionals. With its focus on cultivating compassionate rather than famous physicians, it has seen considerable success, as many graduates choose to stay and practice in Hualien and Taitung Counties. Faculty members encourage students, especially after passing their second-stage examination, to contribute their skills and knowledge in these regions or other remote areas. This approach aids in balancing Taiwan’s healthcare resources.