Opportunities and Challenges in Ground Operation in Airlines


Tzu Chi International College and Bachelor Program for Service Industry Management invited Mr. Daniel Niu, Vice President of China Airlines Taoyuan International Airport Services to share his expertise on Opportunities and Challenges in Ground Operation in Airlines. Vie President Niu has been with China Airlines for over three decades and served in several roles and countries, including Mainland China, Australia, and India. The presentation and panel discussion, led by renowned Service Industry Expert Professor Patrick Su, first covered a thorough introduction to Taoyuan Aiport Operation Services, an explanation of Airport Ground Handling, landside services such as shops, restaurants, parking and ground transportations, management, administration and HR, finances, PR, IT, Sales and Marketing, service, catering, and cargo, as well as airside services, which include above the wing and below the wing services, such as cargo maintenance, quality control, safety and security and the several flight field operations (e.g. 800 vehicles operating at the airport, including towing trucks, fod service trucks, cargo lift loader, water service truck, trash truck, passenger steps truck, or air conditioning truck). Mr. Niu also introduced the several outsourcing services in the industry.

The service industry and in particular the airlines industry provide ample opportunities for ISM graduates. Mr. Niu emphasized that candidates need to bring the following qualities to a job in airline ground operations:

  • good communication skills
  • language skills (English as a must, Mandarin as a plus)
  • good personality
  • enthusiasm
  • thoughtfulness
  • endurance.

Despite ongoing challenges such as global pandemics, fuel price fluctuations, wars, low airfare carriers and airline company mergers the airline industry offers a promising career for applicants. It offers stable job opportunities, above average salary, several fringe benefits such as free airline tickets, as well as the opportunity to work in several different roles and to work abroad. Although there is high competition for jobs in the service industry, it is an area that welcomes fresh graduates and recruits often.

In conclusion, Vice-President Niu emphasized that the airline industry not only consists of handsome pilots and beautiful flight attendants, but that successful operation of the industry requires a substantial and professional team behind it. Candidates with a degree from a program such as the International Service Industry Management Program at Tzu Chi University, coupled with the right attitude and additional language skills, will make outstanding candidates for a future career in the airline industry.

Tzu Chi International College offers its heartfelt gratitude to Vie President Niu for this excellent talk. (Article and image by Dr. Konstantin Weicht Assistant Professor of the International College, TCU)