Seizing Every Moment: Bo-Han Shen’s Vibrant and Purposeful University Life at Tzu Chi University


When they graduated in June 2023, those students had endured over three years in the throes of a global pandemic, navigating online learning and the abrupt cancellation of extracurricular activities; uncertainty became their unwelcome companion. Bo-Han Shen, a Communications Studies graduate, took this challenging environment in stride. He fully embraced every available opportunity to serve others, infusing his university experience with both excitement and purpose.

During the university years, Bo-Han became an active member of the Tzu Chi University Collegiate Association. He devoted his energy to aiding elders and underprivileged families, extending his efforts to rural areas to improve children’s lives. Bo-Han also organized noteworthy events for the Association.

In Hualien, he quickly responded to local disasters like the 2021 Taroko train incident and the Yuli earthquake in 2022. His commitment to service was evident as he worked alongside other Tzu Chi volunteers to assist those affected.

In the aftermath of the 2022 Ukraine-Russia conflict, Tzu Chi University Collegiate Association and the Department of Humanistic Culture launched a fundraiser for Ukrainian refugees. Initially, a campus charity sale was planned, but a pandemic outbreak led to a rethinking of plans.

Bo-Han, the Association’s president, proposed the innovative idea of an online concert. Faculty, staff, and students received the idea warmly. In a move towards authenticity, a Ukrainian residing in Taipei was invited to record a video message, while university members pledged to perform at the concert.

The concert was a global success, attracting participants worldwide and raising over NT$1,000,000. Reflecting on the achievement, Bo-Han stated, “With determination, there’s nothing unachievable. Belief is pivotal.”

Bo-Han was an ambitious student at Tzu Chi University. Despite the University having a sizable population of 3,000 students, he believed even a fraction of them could make a difference.

When the Yuli earthquake occurred in September 18, 2022, Bo-Han acted swiftly. Using LINE, a popular messaging platform, he recruited over 40 student volunteers from different universities. Together with other Tzu Chi volunteers, they embarked on a mission to restore earthquake damaged Wujiang Elementary School in time for the new semester.

Bo-Han recalled that prior to entering Tzu Chi University, many conversations revolved around which clubs to join and what courses to take. Despite finding joy in his first year, he always sensed that something was missing. It wasn’t until he became involved in volunteer work and joined Tzu Chi University Collegiate Association that he found a new dimension to his college life. Bo-Han expressed, “Although my four years at university were largely shadowed by over three years of the pandemic, immersing myself in community work and witnessing the struggles of many people made me realize how fortunate I am. Embracing every chance to serve others and focusing on my personal growth has rendered my life more fulfilling, happier, and ultimately more meaningful.”