For the 16th Consecutive Year, Tzu Chi University Has Secured Funding from the Excellent Teaching Project and the Higher Education Sprout Project, Underscoring Its Educational Prowess


The Ministry of Education disclosed the Higher Education Sprout Project’s second phase outcomes on May 17, 2023. The funding spans a variety of major initiatives such as unique teaching and research programs, international collaborations, cybersecurity ventures, USR projects, financial assistance for students, and guidance for Indigenous students.

This year, Tzu Chi University has been awarded NT$ 61,473,330. This recognition marks an unprecedented 16th consecutive year that the University has been acknowledged by the Ministry of Education’s Excellent Teaching Project and the Higher Education Sprout Project.

This consistent recognition of Tzu Chi University underscores the institution’s commitment to providing superior teaching and research environments. Furthermore, it highlights the University’s successful efforts in promoting service-learning and pursuing sustainable development.

In a bid to significantly improve the quality of university education and foster diversity within higher education, the Ministry of Education has launched the second phase of the Higher Education Sprout Project. The project is set to run from 2023 to 2027.

During the first phase, spanning from 2018 to 2022, Tzu Chi University collaborated with Tzu Chi affiliates across the globe. This cooperative approach was driven by TCU 3.0’s educational vision, which was rooted in “Global Localization,” a “People-oriented” philosophy, and a commitment to “Sustainable Development.”

Staying true to its foundational objective of nurturing education in Eastern Taiwan, the University was able to deliver exceptional educational outcomes. As we move forward into the next phase, Tzu Chi University intends to further build on its distinctive positioning and advantages, which were cultivated during the first phase.

Tzu Chi University has consistently demonstrated excellence, passing all external accreditations with flying colors. Our relentless focus on enhancing the quality of teaching and learning has paid off, as evidenced by our significantly higher than average professional licensure examination passing rates across all departments.

In recognition of our commitment to quality education, Tzu Chi University has been featured in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings for four consecutive years. In the 2022 ranking, we were honored to be placed in the overall range of 201-300. Of particular note is our exceptional performance in the category of “SDG3: Good Health and Well-being,” for which we earned a remarkable 12th place on a global scale.

Financial stability is a hallmark of Tzu Chi University. A 2023 survey conducted by Global Views Monthly ranks us 4th in Taiwan, in terms of financial strength. Demonstrating our commitment to socio-economic diversity, over 35% of our revenue from tuition and fees is allocated to grants for students hailing from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Review Committee wholeheartedly commends Tzu Chi University on its noteworthy accomplishments in advancing online education over the years. Their ingenious strategy of integrating interdisciplinary resources, coupled with their implementation of project-based teaching methods, has substantially enriched the students’ cross-disciplinary learning experience, deepening their professional skills and knowledge.

Furthermore, the University’s commitment to international students is praiseworthy. This commitment is not only embodied by academic advisors and the Counseling Center, but also by the dedicated Tzu-Cheng fathers and Yi-Te mothers, who are experienced Tzu Chi volunteers. The University has further fortified the “buddy system” and support for international care ambassadors, thus reflecting its dedication to fostering an inclusive and internationalized learning environment.

In its pursuit of social responsibility, Tzu Chi University implements a variety of sustainable environmental practices aimed at achieving net-zero carbon emissions. Alongside this, the University consistently develops service-learning resource platforms and service resume certification programs, providing students with opportunities to participate in tangible service-learning activities.

This initiative is further reinforced by positive review comments, commending the University’s establishment of the Instruction and Research Center of USR. This center has been instrumental in addressing real-world issues through the comprehensive assimilation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) indicators, thereby achieving its mission of embodying the spirit of altruistic humanism. This successful integration of teaching and research further underscores the University’s commitment to fostering a socially responsible and sustainable academic environment.

University President Ingrid Liu has expressed her heartfelt gratitude for backing received from the Ministry of Education. This significant funding, granted through the Higher Education Sprout Project, is anticipated to offer a benefit of up to NT$20,108 per student at Tzu Chi University.

The University is committed to further developing its success attained over the past fifteen years through the Teaching Excellence Project and the initial phase of the Higher Education Sprout Project. It pledges to continue collaborating with Tzu Chi affiliates and volunteers worldwide, harnessing digital technology to cultivate specialists in intelligent healthcare, encapsulating the humanistic spirit of altruism. Additionally, we aim to educate professionals in digital interdisciplinary assistance, pre-school education, and family education.

Furthermore, the University is dedicated to supporting its faculty members, aiding them in enhancing their teaching skills and fostering innovation. Collaborative efforts with industrial institutions are also in the pipeline, aimed at deepening the University’s research in its specialized fields.

These continued endeavors will significantly contribute to the University’s ongoing development and progress, solidifying the foundation for TCU 4.0.