Tzu Chi University Works with Tzu Chi Affiliates Worldwide to Prepare Students to Become Management Professionals


Nowadays, management professionals are essential in all walks of life. Tzu Chi Foundation has four missions: charity, health care, education, and humanistic culture, as well as offices in Taiwan and abroad and there is a lot of demand for management professionals. Tzu Chi University has been preparing professionals for society since 1994. The College of Management will join Tzu Chi University in August 2024, with the aim to cultivate multi-disciplinary professionals with an international perspective. Those interested in service industry work, engaging in health management, or dedicating themselves to information technology can choose Tzu Chi University as their school.

The College of Management, with its multi-disciplinary character, was founded by Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology in response to significant healthcare, technology, and management needs. Dean Chung-Hung Tsai said that Tzu Chi University’s College of Management will comprise the Department of Health Management, the Department of Information Technology and Management, the Department of Institutional Management, and the Bachelor’s Degree Program in International Service Industry Management.

We will be committed to equipping students with professional skills, knowledge, global vision, and humanistic culture. Students will acquire skills and expertise through professional learning, internship training, and international exchanges. Coupled with Tzu Chi’s humanistic culture, each student will develop the managerial capability institutions value most.

The Bachelor’s Degree Program in International Service Industry Management prepares leaders with operational and leadership skills, emphasizing the learning of a second foreign language, humanistic manner, media skills, and paying close attention to the needs of the industry. Students’ career choices will be enhanced through one-year of internship training.

The Department views management of social enterprises and non-profit organizations as its primary focus. It emphasizes general operations, E-commerce, sustainable innovation, and culinary management.

The Department of Health Management will work with the healthcare industry and Tzu Chi’s healthcare affiliates to provide students with learning opportunities. After completing their studies, they can choose to be associated with health institution management, health information management, medical records management, or personal health management. Currently, students at Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology, who participated in off-campus competitions have received numerous awards, and those taking professional licensure exams have had a passing rate over 95%.

The Department of Information Technology and Management caters to the needs of industry and academia. The curriculum is structured around two core areas: “AI Big Data” and “Digital Multimedia,” ensuring tight integration with industry practices and Tzu Chi affiliates’ initiatives. The department emphasizes learning through implementation, certification, projects, competitions, and internships. This approach aims to boost students’ motivation and enhance their learning.

Tzu Chi University’s College of Management will be committed to enhancing students’ competitiveness in the workplace and reducing their learning gap. It will carry out the goal with equal emphasis on professionalism and Tzu Chi’s humanistic culture.

Tzu Chi University provides healthy, delicious, affordable food (less than NT$100 for three daily meals). School housing is available for every student. More than that, the University provides numerous scholarships and grants to those in need. You are welcome to join us, build a bright future, and start a career with unlimited possibilities.