From SDGs to the Digital Learning: Opening the Sky of Learning


With the rapid development of technology and globalization, an increasing number of digital learning platforms are focusing on the educational needs of people worldwide. Educational institutions provide more diverse learning opportunities for students and teaching resources for teachers through international collaboration. From April 6 to April 11, 2023, Tzu Chi University’s Sky Academy and the SDGs MOOC course team visited Tzu Chi Malaysia’s Penang Education Center and the Kuala Lumpur Selangor Jing Si Books & Café, conducting four SDGs teaching workshops and giving a sustainable development lecture, engaging a total of 243 participants.

Through group discussions, participants in Malaysia explored and designed practical cases, such as DIY self-watering planters, composting kitchen waste, and designing eco-friendly surroundings. They experienced the creation of a green living environment firsthand. The workshops and lectures enabled community volunteers, educators, and young students to interact and learn with each other, under the guidance of Professor Yie-Ru Chiu of Tzu Chi University. By going through real-life SDGs cases, the participants gained significant knowledge and insights.

For several years, Sky Academy has provided online courses linked to SDGs themes, integrating the concept of sustainable development from social, economic, and environmental perspectives. In addition to workshops and lectures, the TCU team shared online courses, utilizing video materials and thematic discussions to enhance participants’ understanding of SDGs. Through these online courses, participants gained insights into differences in learning between Malaysians and Taiwanese, broadening their digital learning horizons and expanding their perspectives.

Sky Academy leverages Internet resources and combines digital learning concepts to provide free online learning opportunities. In the era of rapid technological advancement, there are numerous learning and teaching challenges. However, we can make effective use of technology’s advantages and apply them to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

In Malaysia, Tzu Chi Foundation’s volunteers have been long devoted to community care and supporting underprivileged students in their learning journeys. This aligns with Tzu Chi University’s educational philosophy. Sky Academy aims to help those who cannot continue their studies by providing uninterrupted learning opportunities. Regardless of their current stage in life, they can access high-quality education through online learning.

Sky Academy transcends regional and temporal limitations, realizing the inclusiveness and fairness of education, while promoting innovation and sustainable development goals. Together, let us open up a broader learning horizon to adapt to the era of globalization, explore our skies, and contribute to the well-being of society and humanity.