International Cultural Day Showcased Cuisines and Customs from Around the World, Offering the Tastes of Six Countries


Held on March 25, 2024, the event featured students from the Czech Republic, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines presenting their specialties and traditional dishes. Highlights included Czech potato pancakes, Filipino street food fried eggs, Indonesian traditional dessert mooncake, Malaysian turmeric rice and pork bone tea, Vietnamese fried spring rolls, and Thai children’s pink milk tea drink.
These dishes, prepared by Tzu Chi University’s international students, brought a sense of nostalgia to the event.

One Czech student from the Digital Media Program guided the making of potato pancakes with unique Czech spices, alongside students from Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Mozambique, all declaring, “Today, we are all from the Czech Republic.” To enhance the cultural experience, the Czech student introduced his country, translated into English and Chinese by fellow students, covering topics from its history to inventions like soft contact lenses.

Indonesian student Sabrina addressed common misconceptions about her country, emphasizing that Indonesia is not solely Muslim, but a multicultural nation with six major religions. This clarification aimed to challenge stereotypes and showcase Indonesia’s diverse cultural and religious landscape.

Thai pink milk tea, a caffeine-free childhood drink distinct from globally famous Taiwanese milk tea, was also featured, highlighting its nostalgic value among Thais.

Taiwanese student Yang-An Shih and South African student Matiwane Penelope Esihle shared their enjoyment and learning of culture from the event, tasting foods for the first time and appreciating the diversity of cultures and cuisines presented.

The event facilitated multilingual interactions and cultural exchanges, with students gaining insights into various countries’ cultures and cuisines. Nursing student Wan-Xuan Du exclaimed that, “Vietnamese students explained that they have many kinds of rice. In addition, an Indonesian classmate taught me that ‘matabak’ is the Indonesian word for moon cake. TCU is very international, and the atmosphere is very good every time the school holds this activity.” Tzu Chi University’s international atmosphere was praised for enhancing understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

Student Council president Yun-Fang Hong, emphasized that understanding a country’s culture can begin with its food, hoping the event would encourage deeper connections with international students and offer a global experience within the campus.