Explore the World with Fun in English on Tzu Chi University Radio’s “Chit-chat Show”


Tzu Chi University’s radio program, “Chit-chat Show,” is spearheaded by Jenny Lee a faculty member in the Department of Foreign Language and Literature. It features vibrant English discussions where students share their personal stories, effectively transforming classrooms into broadcast studios. Ms. Lee views the program as a crucial learning process that motivates students to approach English presentations with seriousness, thereby enhancing their skills over time.

The “Chit-chat Show” invites international and domestic students to recount their developmental journeys, how they adapt to foreign environments, and discuss their aspirations. Ms. Lee, who holds a master’s degree from National Dong Hua University, and is a former anchor at Da Ai TV, highlights the scarcity of immersive English environments in Taiwan. She conducts her classes entirely in English and encourages students to engage with her in English outside the classroom, promoting frequent usage of the language. Prior to the 25-minute English broadcast, students rehearse and prepare with her, culminating in a personalized interview segment.

This semester, the program is aligned with the academic curriculum, urging students to explore their dreams and professional goals. Frank, a student from Thailand, shared his experience. He grew up in an area with numerous Taiwanese-supported schools, which teach Chinese, and has always dreamed of studying in Taiwan. A lover of hands-on activities and gardening, he managed to cultivate 200 cacti in his dorm while in high school. Frank majors in Foreign Languages and minors in Human Development and Psychology, with aspirations to venture into business.

First-time participants usually experience nervousness, yet Ms. Lee helps them articulate their thoughts more fully. Frank said, “Ms. Lee challenges us to reach a high standard, which is tough but ultimately makes us better.” Taiwanese student Ryan commented, “I’m used to listening to others on podcasts, so I’m really looking forward to hearing my own voice and assessing my speaking improvements.”

The “Chit-chat Show” broadcasts on Tzu Chi University’s radio station and collaborates with the Educational Broadcasting System. Ms. Lee believes that the opportunity to speak English continuously for 25 minutes is both rare and invaluable, facilitating significant improvement. She fosters an all-English atmosphere and prompts vibrant discussions on various topics during class to sharpen students’ thinking and expressive skills.

As the show’s opener suggests, “This is an opportunity to learn more about Tzu Chi’s faculty members, staff, and students through English and to acquire new knowledge.” The “Chit-chat Show” airs every Tuesday at 1:00 PM on Hualien FM 88.3, and is also available on podcast platforms and the Educational Radio website, inviting everyone to enjoy the pleasures of English communication.