Tis’ The Season For A Portrait!


Sarah Kuo, Staff Reporter & Photographer
Kaku Angi, Staff Reporter
Johnathan See, Staff Writer & Editor
Monday December 19th, 2022

HUALIEN CITY – Local Tzu Chi University situated in the picturesque Hualien County had recently hosted a picture competition with a festive twist; the competition was jointly organised by the university’s groundskeepers and general affairs office. The competition took place between the dates of the 1st and the 18th of December, 2022.

On the 1st of December, members of staff by Tzu Chi University made the decision to host an photography competition with festive elements installed around its campus. The theme of the installations and decorations were made to fit the festive atmosphere with Christmas right around the corner. In addition to hosting the competition, there’s more to be told than what mere pictures can tell alone.

In alignment with the Tzu Chi spirit of loving the environment and all beings, the decorations set up were made from previously discarded pieces of woods. The decorations mostly consisted of small, lovingly-crafted small animals. These woodworks are then scattered across the campus for students to discover, and to take pictures with.

Picture by Sarah Kuo, Nighttime view of the decorations by the Humanities Campus.

Tzu Chi University consists of two separate campuses situated not too far from each other. As such, these decorations were set up by both campuses and made thematically similar. These pieces of décor serve not only for show and liven up the atmosphere of a chilly December, but also highlight that Tzu Chi is not a Buddhist only entity for other faiths are welcomed within its gates too.

The photography competition lasted 18 days from the 1st through to the 18th of December. The competition was opened to all Tzu Chi University students; they were encouraged to take pictures with the on-campus decorations in groups ranging from 2 to 5 persons. The theme of the photography was simple – the whackier the better – with the most novel and unique pictures being the winning photos of the competition.

Picture by Sarah Kuo, Decorations by the Main Campus’ Entrance.

Each group was permitted a maximum of 3 submissions to stand a chance at winning the competition. Some of the submissions were to be used in some of the university’s internal publishing. By the end of the competition, a total of 3 winning groups would be announced by the 21st of December; the winners being notified via the university’s internal mailbox. Winners get to win festive miniature woodcarvings, lovingly crafted by the university’s members of staff.

Picture by Sarah Kuo, a herd of deer-carvings situated by the Humanities Campus.

The competition was welcomed by all on the Tzu Chi University campus as it not only brought with it a festive warmth and atmosphere, but also decorations that truly melts the hearts of any to pass by. Regardless of religion or region, everyone is surely to feel at ease this December with these carvings to melt our hearts. “These decorations will decorate the campus of Tzu Chi University beautifully” said Kaku Angi “and have a wonderful Christmas.”