COVID-19 Update: Internship programs related to students of the College of Medicine

  1. We will carry out the internship programs adhering to epidemic prevention guidelines set up by the Ministry of Education. However, the University will place students’ safety first, meanwhile, assisting them to complete their internship training, by looking closely into epidemic situations and keeping update on our collaborating healthcare institutions’ situations.
  2. We will mandate that our students, who are receiving internship training elsewhere, come back to Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital.
  3. For the time being, based on guidelines set up by the government, the University will continue its internship programs. However, the University will pay close attention to epidemic situations, and take decisive action, whenever it is needed.
  4. The University works with the collaborating institution to carry out needed measures to ensure our students’ well-being, such as providing training sessions related to personal protection, implementing daily health management, not asking students to take care of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients, or patients living in negative pressure rooms.
  5. If a cluster infection arises in the hospital, the internship programs will be stopped immediately.