TCU Members Cherish What We Have in Taiwan and Do Good Deeds to Mitigate the Covid-19 Epidemic


Since February 2020, COVID-19 has been spreading around the world, but Taiwan is fortunate that most people are able to carry out their daily routines and go to school, as usual. To cherish what we have and extend our love to help each other and serve those in need, TCU sponsored an activity entitled “Doing Good Deeds to Mitigate the Epidemic,” and President Ingrid Liu reminded our faculty members, staff and students to do good deeds.

CEO of the Tzu Chi Education Foundation Pen-Jung Wang, TCU president Ingrid Liu, and many TCU faculty members, staff and students took part in this event, and some of them presented their bamboo banks to the Foundation to help needy persons. CEO Wang pointed out that COVID-19 came to us, to everyone’s surprise. Each virus is less than 1/1000 of our cell’s size, but they are powerful and have spread around the world. This epidemic has taught us a big lesson, and reminds us to be humble and reevaluate how we live every day. 

The Tzu Chi Foundation has mobilized volunteers in Taiwan and 22 other countries, attending to people’s needs and delivering necessities to them. In Taiwan, Tzu Chi volunteers took action, expressing their gratitude to those who stand on the frontline, working at hospitals or schools; moreover, overseas volunteers offered their loving care to people in Vatican City, Saint Teresa of Calcutta, etc. They have visited around 50,000 underprivileged families in Taiwan and answered the calls of those who asked Tzu Chi for help. In the Philippines, Tzu Chi volunteers attended the needs of local communities and distributing rice to deprived families.

We are making efforts to be vigilant and sincerely pious, offering our best wishes to everyone. A Communication Studies freshman, who is from Malaysia, said this epidemic has affected us greatly, so we must help each other. More than that, many people around are suffering now, and Tzu Chi volunteers are doing their best to help them, so we must stand firmly behind them.

There is a saying that the epidemic was caused by eating animals, and if we didn’t catch and eat animals, the new coronavirus pandemic would not have started. To encourage its members to switch to a vegetarian diet, TCU has been sponsoring a campaign entitled “Enjoying Vegetarian Food with a Discount” and offering coupons to those who are willing to give vegetarian food a try. This Malaysian student has been a vegetarian for more than nine years, and wants his peers to join him, hence he asked them to make donations for TCU to provide more “Vegetarian Food Coupons,” and invited them to use these coupons to enjoy vegetarian food.

Countries are adopting different ways to contain the spread of COVID-19. Cities and towns have been locked down and large gatherings banned; restrictions have been imposed on travelers from hard-hit areas; and major activities and events have been cancelled. In Malaysia, the government mandated that during the period March 18~31, schools and workplaces would be closed. Since the epidemic situation has not improved, the government extended the ban until April 28. Another Communication Studies student, who is also from Malaysia, she shared that her elder sister is a student at University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia. Since March 18, her sister can only attend classes online, her parents are unable to go to their workplaces, and only one person in the family is allowed to go out shopping for the family’s necessities. She can imagine how inconvenient a period her parents and sister have gone through. Meanwhile, she feels fortunate that she is in Taiwan and is able to go to school as usual.

While going through this epidemic, we need to love each other even more. The University reminds its faculty members, staff and students to take good care of each other, showing loving care toward people around them, giving their best wishes to the family in Taiwan or overseas, and assisting those who are in need.

Consequently, the University would like to invite you to extend your love, by making your donation online, to reach those in need. Let’s work together to mitigate this epidemic together with our love.