TCU Reaches Top 20 in the University Rankings in Taiwan, and is Best on the East Coast


Text: Pi-Hsia Wang
Photo: Che-Hsien Lin
Translation: Steve J. Lin

On July 4, Global Views Monthly published its 2017 University Rankings in Taiwan. Tzu Ci University is in 20th place overall, 6th best among the private universities and the only one on the east coast that reached the top 20. In addition, TCU is in 15th place in academic reputation, up three places from 2016. TCU doesn’t receive as many funds from the Ministry of Education, as other universities do, yet we try our best, and thus TCU’s ranking is better than many other public or private universities, which have longer histories than we do.


Universities are evaluated according to the following five factors and 22 performance indicators: Academic Reputation: The number of Chinese language research papers published; the average number of Chinese research papers published per faculty member;  the number of English language research papers published; the average number of English research papers published per faculty member; and the number of awards received by full-time faculty members.

Teaching: Student enrollment statistics; faculty/student ratio; total annual budget; and budget per student.
International outlook: The number of research papers resulting from international collaboration; the number of international students; the number of international faculty members; the number of students going overseas with university financial assistance.

Collaboration with the industry: Total industry income; industry income per faculty member; the number of research papers resulting from the joint effort with industrial institutions; the number of US patents; and the number of Taiwan patents

Social Reputation: The perception of employers and university presidents. TCU did well in the following areas: Academic reputation (15th); teaching (15th); faculty/student ratio (5th); budget per student (8th); and overall ranking (20th).


Global Views Monthly stated that TCU expanded significantly from a medical college to a university with four colleges and it has kept up its research endeavors. This year the number of English research papers published jumped to147 from 36 last year, and as a result, its academic reputation rose to 15th place, up three places from last year. It signifies that efforts by TCU’s faculty members and students are being recognized by the general public.


TCU is the only university on the east coast which reached the top 20. President Pen-Jung Wang said our goal is to prepare professionals who are committed to lifelong learning, analytical and critical thinking, and working with others, so we invited outstanding scholars in Taiwan, and from overseas to join us, and are grateful for continuous support from Tzu Chi Foundation which provided our students and faculty members with an excellent learning and research environment. We feel honored that TCU is in the 15th place in both teaching and academia.


The east coast is not as populated and resource-filled as the west coast, yet TCU’s Teaching Excellence Program has pioneered various innovative projects to meet students’ needs, and it has received grants from the Ministry of Education for ten continuous years. Recently, all academic departments and institutes passed evaluations conducted by the Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan. Moreover, TCU students’ pass rates of various national licensing exams are higher than the national average, and two TCU students were took first place in the 2016 national licensing exams, for physical therapist and for medical examiner. Besides these, all TCU’s Traditional Chinese Medicine students passed the first phase of the National Licensing Exam.