TCU and Korea National University of Arts Sign a MOU and a Student from Korea Does Interpretation and Introduces TCU to Visiting Guests


Text/Photo: Chia-Yi Lee
Translation: Steve J. Lin

Korea’s entertainment industry has reached sizable overseas audience. The industry is well supported by the government, and it has a clear vision and plan towards future developments and the nurturing of talents. On April 17, a delegation of Korea National University of Arts including University President Kim Bongryol, Professor Emeritus Yoon Sang-Sup of the Department of Stage Design and five other guests visited Hualien, and signed a MOU with Tzu Chi University, Tzu Chi Senior High School Affiliated with Tzu Chi University and Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology. TCU President Pen-Jung Wang stated that Korea National University of Arts is one of the best universities of arts in Asia. Although TCU doesn’t have a College of Arts, it treasures humanities and art education. He believes that the fruitful results will be generated by the student exchange programs of both universities.


President Kim Bongryol of the Korea National University of Arts, TCU President Pen-Jung Wang, and Tzu Chi Senior High School Principal Ke-Nan Lee jointly signed a MOU. CEO Park Tae-Seop of the Center of Korea-China Education Exchange, other distinguished guests from the Korea National University of Arts, TCU Chief Secretary Sheng-Chieh Lin, Director Tung-Yuan Chien of the Office of CEO, Tzu Chi’s Education Mission attended this event. All expect to see collaboration between the two universities in academic areas and students’ learning.


Korea National University of Arts was founded in 1993, and with the Colleges of Music, Drama, Film, TV & Multimedia, Dance, Visual Arts, and Korean Traditional Arts. Many renowned Korean actors, such as Jang Dong-Gun and Lee Sun Kyun are the university’s alumni. The student population is around 3,500. Supported by government funding, the University has a program to nurture gifted children. After touring the Medical Simulation Center and College of Education and Communication, President Kim Bongryol felt much impressed. President Kim and his wife came to Taiwan for their honeymoon 30 years ago, but they didn’t visit Hualien. He finally came to Hualien 30 years after, he was amazed with the nature beauty of Hualien, and felt appreciative meeting Tzu Chi. He really expected the collaboration to be started as soon as possible. He indicated that art education is rooted in humanities, and Tzu Chi University has bountiful resources. He has encouraged Korean students to come to TCU, and he believes that TCU’s environment can enhance his students’ artistic minds and humanistic hearts, nurture good character, and promote growth in their bodies, minds and spirits.


TCU was founded in 1994, and comprises the colleges of Medicine, Life Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Education and Communication. The student population is around 3,300. TCU has been very active in recruiting international students, there are 11 students originally from Korea studying in TCU’s Department of Communication Studies, Department of Nursing, and Institute of Religion and Humanities. Five more are coming to TCU next academic year. Tzu Chi High School’s Principal Ke-Nan Lee said that Tzu Chi Senior High School has an art class which aims to cultivate the talents in dance, music, and art. She wishes to send her students to Korea.


After the ceremony, Chairperson Ting-Pang Chen of the Department of Communication Studies, took the guests on a tour of TCU’s TV production studios, and a sophomore of the Department of Communication Studies named Park Jin-Min was responsible to interpret for the guests. There are nine Korean students studying in the Department of Communication Studies, and the department plans to recruit more international students. Park Jin-Min was originally from Korea. TCU’s bountiful resources, working closely with DaAi TV, and providing students opportunities to study abroad, are the reasons he chose Communication Studies at TCU. Korea National University of Arts is a renowned university in Korea, and he wishes to study there someday.


TCU has partnered with Honam University, Yeungnam University, Daejin University, Dongguk University, and Korea National University of Arts in Korea. In addition to having regular academic and exchange programs with these Korean universities, students of the Department of Communication Studies go to the Korea Educational Broadcasting System during the summer to learn firsthand.