TCU’s Annual 10km Race is Good to Our Health and Mother Earth – Many Alumni Join this Event


Text/Photo: Chia-Yi Lee
Translation: Steve J. Lin

Those who love running, they enjoy the feeling of sweating and running, often invite their friends to take part in various running events sponsored by cities or counties. Since 1995, completing a 10km run within a certain time limit has been one of the graduation requirements for every TCU student, but it is not a requirement anymore. Running was not popular back then, and many students didn’t feel like running 10km. This is the 23rd year that TCU has sponsored this event, and many alumni have come back to run with TCU students. Sheng-Yuan Wang, Department of Public Health Class of 1998, is CEO of a consulting firm, who has attended various marathons (42 kilometers) and half-marathons (21 kilometers). TCU’s 10km race is just a mini marathon, yet he makes great effort to join this race. Feeling the love and concern from Masters at Jing-Si Abode, enjoying meeting old and new friends, and appreciating Hualien‘s beautiful mountains and ocean, he tries to come back every year. He also invites his colleagues to run the 10km race with him, since it helps reduce stress and enhances persistence.


In the past, TCU asked males to complete 10km run within 80 minutes, and 90 minutes was for females, and they had four years to pass it. Those who had special conditions would be exempted, provided they had a physician’s written advice. TCU doesn’t require students to complete 10km run anymore, yet every year many students participate in the 10km race. It is fun to run with classmates, and it is touching to run back to Jing-Si Abode, which is the origin of Tzu Chi and our spiritual home.


President Pen-Rong Wang officially started this event, with more than 700 participants running from TCU’s main campus along country roads. On the way to Jing-Si Abode they saw Kuo-Fu Garden, the wall of Hualien Air Force Base, and so on. In order to ease runners’ thirst, TCU provided water filled in a recyclable cup, unlike some other organizations which provide water bottles or cups that are usually thrown away by the runners. The Department of Public Health’s Class of 1998 has held its class reunion on this day for the past three years, and this is the fourth year. This year there were five members coming from Taitung, Taipei and Kaohsiung to attend the reunion. Sheng-Yuan Wang travels overseas quite often, but he manages to come back to TCU every year. They feel that running in the morning is very healthy, and in the afternoon, they dine with their professors, to recall their college memories.


What makes people interested in running? Tsung-Hsi Lai, a 58 years old member of the Tzu-Cheng Dads, said that regular exercise is a key to running smoothly. Zhen-Gui Bai is a student originally from Korea, who won the second place of the males’ group. He said, “I like the pain associated with running, and I know very well that my physical well-being is enhanced.” Hualien’s beautiful mountains and ocean make running quite enjoyable. Ke-Li He came to TCU to learn Chinese, and he has run in many small towns of Taiwan, yet he feels that Hualien is the best place, where we have fresh air and it is enjoyable to run.


Xuan-Ning Lin, who won first place of females’ group, is a student in the School of Chinese Medicine. She enjoyed the run with her classmates, and she was happy to receive the award which is a Sports Center Pass to let her exercise steadily. After arriving the finish, all participants enjoyed a delicious breakfast prepared by the Masters of Jing-Si Abode and Tzu-Cheng Yi-Te Dads and Moms, then took part in awards bestowal ceremony. TCU’s vice president Mu-Chu Hsu reminded students of the importance of maintaining their mental health, and encouraged students to exercise regularly. Master Der-Shin wished students would cherish their peace and health, never go to bed late or wake up late, follow the natural law and be joyful and healthy persons.